my woodland garden

Since Qigong exercises do not require much space, they can be practiced almost anywhere including:

  • a small bedroom
  • garden or backyard
  • in a forest or wood
  • the beach
  • a local park

However, every environment has a unique energy which can impact our overall well-being. And since weather too can have either an advantageous and adverse effect it is ideal to have both an internal and external practice space.

Outdoor practice: A peaceful, beautiful setting is obviously desirable since it raises our spirits and relaxes our minds. Also, it’s easier to connect to the surrounding external elements of air, earth, wood which provide the energy Qigong seeks to cultivate.

Trees in particular are fitting qigong partners, not only for the oxygen they give off but also their visually calming colours, as well as their rootedness and maturity. Taoists believe that trees are actually nourished by the “negative” energy of human beings, so we have a mutually beneficial relationship with trees.

Indoor practice: The same elements that exist outside are ideally represented in the internal space. This should be well ventilated to let in fresh air for breathing exercises. Beautiful scenery can be represented by a chosen piece of art, sculpture or calligraphy. Potted plants bring the two elements of earth and wood whilst a candle has the fire element.