Seated Meditation

The subtitle for this blog ought to be ‘qigong for movers’ primarily because I resist sitting still but inevitably it is something to overcome. Since my physical body can no longer remain in a lotus position, a chair is the next best thing.

For positioning it is best to sit toward the front of the seat, with back erect. Thighs should be parallel to the floor, with shins perpendicular. Both feet should be parallel, flat on the floor or cushion if the seat is too high.     

This video and Ken Cohen’s Audible meditations are helping to encourage me!

This meditation helps you to bring your body and mind back into oneness, and at the same time reconnects yourself and nature. Just sit and breathe to feel calm and peace within. Apply this guided meditation in the morning, or anytime throughout the day

Ken Cohen’s Qigong Meditations: (from my Audible library)

Healing the mind – chapter 2-3
Healing the organs -chapter 4-5
Healing the spirit – chapter 6-7