Healing Qigong

Qigong is a purifying, cleansing and strengthening set of exercises that promote energy flow along meridians or channels throughout the body. When a meridian is blocked, healing energy cannot flow.

The slow movements and meditative state of Qigong relaxes breathing, altering the autonomic system to restore health and balance throughout the autonomic nervous and other systems in the body. In regard to mental disturbance, Qigong regards it as disharmony of yin and yang. Thus mental well-being follows when yin and yang are harmonized.

Zhan Zhuang qigong standing meditation can be preceded and followed (respectively) by these 2 healing qigong exercises (or use both as one on their own)

Drop the Chi & Cleanse the Internal Organs – a detoxification form of Qigong

One Finger Zen (Zi Sheng Wang) is a meditative qigong which trains the hands and fingers to sense and transmit healing energy. It includes a chant Om, Ah, Hung

These 2 purifying Qi exercises should be practiced together

Bone Marrow strengthening Qigong– to cleanse the bones of impurity, strengthen the bone structure and stimulate the immune system

Healing Sounds Qi Gong is based on the five elements: metal; water; wood; fire; earth. Each element has a corresponding organ system, colour, sound, and season.
Harmonize the breath 9 times
Lion’s roar – lungs – See-ahh – 3 times
Dragons’ breath – heart – Heu – 3 times
The Owl – spleen – Hoo – 1 time
The Monkey – liver – Shh – 1 time
The Bear – kidneys – Chrr-oo-ee – 3 times